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Pegasys treatment offers freedom from potentially terminal disease

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Sharing needles isn't a good idea.

Or a smart idea.

But it happens. When you will do anything for your next fix, it's just another bad choice one will make in the long list of decisions that make up drug addiction.

In 2003, I was really good at making bad decisions. Being addicted to cocaine and crystal meth hinders any logical thought process that might occur.

thumb web-shotA few weeks ago, Alberta's Progressive Conservatives appeared the least likely party to select a female leader.

Gary Mar's first ballot lead and growing caucus support appeared insurmountable.

Now a woman is the premier-designate of Alberta. 

Sharing a notorious killer's last name caused turmoil for my family

thumb JROSZKO turmoilWEBWhat's in a name? I'm sure I'm not the first person who has speculated about the meaning of a name. Do those letters, which then form a word, really define who we are as individuals?

 What if another person who bears the same last name has tainted that name? Does this too define who we are?

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"It" began with a movie

My aunt was a horror movie freak; she used to watch horror movies all the time.

She was only 11 years older than me, so when I was a young child she was a mere teenager — an age where the thrill of the only-imaginable death, suspense and horror are at its peak.