Design professor Milena Radzikowska was inspired to organize the panel held on March 29, after another feminist event at MRU featured provincial cabinet minister Stephanie McLean, responsible for Status of Women and Service Alberta, speaking about workplace inequality.

Despite the severity of Calgary’s opioid crisis, Katrina Milaney’s research reveals the city’s public systems are failing the people they claim to serve. Through hearing the stories of Calgary’s most vulnerable populations, Milaney’s research drove her to help open the city’s first supervised consumption site, aiding those struggling with addiction.

It’s become a common fact in the body image world — women are unhappy the way they look. In fact, 88 per cent of people worldwide, who were asked if they were satisfied with their looks said they were not, while only 12 per cent of people polled said they were completely satisfied according to a Global Gfk Survey.  

Ashley Wanamaker and Carrie Le, both registered provisional psychologists, are hoping to transform the way women in Calgary feel about themselves through a new program called The Body Project.

Mike Fillinger stood out among the crowd at the Tim Horton's off the highway in Alberta's foothills. He has piercing blue eyes beneath a black baseball cap. But nothing about him revealed his past. Or the fact that he was charged with arson seven years ago and found not criminally responsible (NCR) for his crime.