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I’m cold. I’m hungry. All of us are. My mom has been gone a long time. I don’t think she’s coming back. My four siblings and I huddle together to face the long night in hope that the morning will be better.

My grandparents were in town for the weekend, which meant I pushed my plans aside to be their personal deluxe chauffeur. Driving on the main highway that divided Medicine Hat into two sides, the view of the Saamis Teepee was perfect. Towering as one of the tallest structures in Medicine Hat, you could see it from almost every point in town.

Content warning: This story contains themes of sexual assault and its content may affect some readers. 

Pastors are seen as strong spiritual leaders in the church. However, they are not immune to the stress or pressures of the job, which can lead to detrimental effects on their mental health.