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Cari Ionson is a guest writer for the Calgary Journal and works at Mount Royal University as a sexual violence and awareness coordinator.

I confront sexual violence every day and see the darker side of humanity. I walk through the world knowing how prevalent this violence is, constantly noticing the social attitudes and beliefs that shape it into reality.

Calgary Police Officer Devon Ouellette takes an exit off of Calgary’s Blackfoot Trail and parks near some train tracks. The mid afternoon sky clouds over as snowflakes drift silently to the ground; the chilly wind puts the temperature at -5 C – not cold enough for the snow to stay for long.

Journalism and optimism usually don’t belong together in the same sentence. Historically, traditional media have always had to adapt or die, but the problems of the Internet age are multifaceted and constantly evolving.

It is a terrifying time to be a journalist on the cusp of graduating and entering the media landscape, but it’s also exciting.

James Kohut has over 10 years of experience working on pipelines as a pipeline surveyor, along with other oilfield work experiences going back to 1980. He was trained at SAIT in Petroleum Technology Geology. Kohut now works as a ground crop farmer at his own small, hobby farm located in B.C. along the mainline railway routes. He farms during the summer months and lives in Calgary for the rest of the year. Additionally, he volunteers as a shadow cabinet member for democratic advancement with the Green Party of Alberta.