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David Harvey has struggled with anxiety for most of his life but as a pastor, he was at first apprehensive that sharing his story might be a risk that could get him fired.

The discussion around mental health is no longer a phenomenon. Although some people remain uninformed about the subject, many programs and initiatives have been put in place to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Programs like Bell Let’s Talk serve to move the conversation forward by overcoming stigma; providing care, establishing research and engaging corporations. 

I’m a university student. I live away from my parents, pay rent and utilities monthly, have student loans and work part-time — and I am worried.

“Guys, you should go on two dates per week.”

Imagine hearing that said by a church leader over the pulpit to your congregation during a sacrament meeting when you're just trying to become a better person.

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When Vancouver’s transit system was in need of a celebrity announcer in 2018, they got Hollywood comedian Seth Rogen. But Calgary’s system got Terry Cahill, one of the headbangers from the mockumentary FUBAR, whether they needed him or not.