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Crossing the street is considered a menial task for many, but it can be intimidating for pedestrians with visual challenges or impairments.

While audible pedestrian signals provide a solution to this issue, many of Calgary’s intersections are still without them.

Ward 6 city councillor Jeff Davison spent years marketing and promoting large companies, but he now faces the difficult task of helping Calgary become a welcoming place to invest and grow businesses as a newcomer to Calgary politics.

 Calgarians will soon be subjected to constant construction in one of its oldest neighborhoods, Victoria Park. Civic politicians and planners are generally ecstatic about the changes, however, there are many critics who aren’t as optimistic.

The initial phase of the Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) has been approved by Calgary city council in a 12-3 vote on May 15. The project has significantly decreased in size and increased in price, leaving some citizens and their representatives unhappy.