Mobile yoga company helps brides deal with wedding season

Bridesyoga copyInnergy Corporate Yoga is a company that focuses on making yoga more accessible by bringing their knowledge and experiences to businesses.

Beginning in Vancouver, B.C., in 2004, Innergy has expanded into Alberta. What started as a mobile yoga studio has grown into a business that is known for holding group classes in a corporate setting, in addition to private sessions at home or at work. The company recently expanded to showcase movements at conventions, laughter workshops and is now taking aim at bridal parties.

Heather Johnson, who oversees Innergy Corporate Yoga in Alberta, says more people seem to be joining fitness classes with friends, sparking the idea of bridal yoga.

The Catholic Church gives approval for homosexual individuals as long as they remain abstinent

thumb BrowerPhoto courtesy of Jonathan BrowerThe Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary's program Courage & Encourage Apostolate offers to help men and women "live in accordance" with the church's "teaching on homosexuality." That means being abstinent.

However, a local sociologist and former program leader says that approach is problematic and very different from how the Calgary Wildrose United Church supports members of the gay community.

The answer may lie in nurture versus nature debate.

thumb Andrea-HarlingSome of Calgary's top restaurants have few female executive chefs, a fact that may be due to working long hours and wanting a family if not outright discrimination, according to female chefs at other restaurants.

The discrepancy between genders in the restaurant industry starts early. For example, at SAIT's culinary school Rupert Kaupp, the academic chair of professional cooking, says 40 per cent of students are female, while 60 per cent of students in the hospitality program are also female. Though Kaupp says in the coming year, numbers are expected to be 50 per cent for both genders.

Nevertheless, in some Calgary restaurants a gender imbalance appears to remain. In the top 10 Calgary restaurants listed by Avenue Magazine in 2014, only one restaurant had a female executive chef: Brava Bistro, home to Andrea Harling. The 2015 list doesn't include any female executive chefs although a few restaurants are owned by women, such as Blink (Leslie Echino) and Il Sogno (Patricia Koyaich).

Former grow op homes are a tough sale

Grow OpMarijuana grow operations — or grow-ops— can cause serious damage to houses.

Even though these properties can be remediated and brought back to good living standards, owners and realtors have trouble selling them. This is because they are labelled as stigmatized property and most banks will not offer a mortgage. While real estate agents agree that something needs to be done about this problem, there is concern about the having government deeply involved in real estate transactions.

According to a 2009 report prepared for the Alberta Real Estate Association, the damage caused by grow ops to a property can include everything from holes drilled in the foundation, ventilation systems being installed in stairs and ceiling, mould growth and rotting structures. Indoor air quality is also a major concern.