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Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra hits the campaign trail

thumb GC11 resizeIn an age when we work, interact with our friends, and even meet new people largely from behind a luminescent computer screen, the proposition of marching up to a strangers door just to see if there is anything they feel like talking about most likely sounds terrifying to the average person.

It definitely requires a thick skin, and that becomes clear on a Sunday evening door-knocking session through the southeast neighborhood of Acadia with Ward 9 councillor Gian-Carlo Carra.

Traffic, taxes and the $52-million question on candidates' minds as official nomination papers filed

Gian-Carlo Carra is one of twelve incumbants seeking reelection among a field of 50 candidatesAll 14 Wards in Calgary will be contested during Calgary's upcoming Oct. 21 election. At city hall on nomination day, 38 councillor contenders joined the 12 incumbents in filing their papers.

These 50 candidates are a significant drop-off from the 80 that ran in the last municipal election.

This will be the first time that candidates will be elected to four-year terms, as well as the first to use the title "councillors" instead of "aldermen."

Opponents concerned with city's fiscal responsibility

Mayor Naheed NenshiA crowd of roughly 150 people, made up of media, elections staff and political supporters gathered around the north exit of Calgary's City Hall council chambers on Sept. 23, to kick off the city's civic election.

The city unofficially (at time of press) has nine candidates running for the positions of mayor in the Oct. 21, 2013 election.

As the candidates emerged one by one from chambers, all were optimistic about their chance of winning.

Inspiring Strong Neighbourhoods spent nearly $100,000 on parks, benches and other community additions

Members of the Castleridge/Falconridge action teams conduct a walkabout in January 2013. This is required to determine the initial needs of each participating community. A report on Calgary's $225,000 Inspiring Strong Neighbourhoods initiative was held until after the election.

A Community and Neighborhood Services report to the priorities and finance committee was schedueled for the Sept. 16 City Council agenda, but was removed because key aldermen were absent, according to Laura Lobsinger, assistant to the director of community and neighbourhood services with the City of Calgary.