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City Hall

The Greenline LRT will be the newest, and most expensive transit project to hit the City of Calgary. Estimated at $5-billion, this light-rail train will serve 41 million passengers every year.

Senior Project Manager Jonathan Lea said the Calgary Green Line will become an “urban spine” connecting north and south communities that are currently neglected by the transit system.

We all have control over whether we use a personal electronic device while driving, but what happens when it is someone else who is driving, or a driver you are paying to transport you safely to a destination?

Defeating the right-wing label

Jeromy Farkas, a member of the LGBTQ community and an environmentalist, has left the Wildrose Calgary-Elbow constituency to run for city council. He feels that the current city council members do not represent Calgary’s younger and more diverse demographic.

Turning 18 often presents an exciting new chapter in our lives, but this legal transition into adulthood also comes with many responsibilities. Pressures such as rent, food, utilities, healthcare, and even education can become heavy burdens during these initial adult years.