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Discusses high-demand pricing, increased time restrictions

thumb Henn_Parking22

Not being able to find parking can be a hair-pulling, teeth-clenching ordeal. In some of Calgary's commercial areas, this inconvenience is quite common, especially when the only available option is on-street parking.

Businesses have felt the frustration too.

Curious incident leaves a council slightly confused

thumb aldermanchabotBusiness was as usual at the city hall's general council meeting on Nov. 19.

However, during the question period at the beginning of the council, ward 10 Alderman Andre Chabot brought forward a question from the community that unsettled nearly everyone in the room.

"A resident in my ward informed me of something I found quite troubling, it seems that without knowing she has violated a bylaw regarding 'cat trapping,'" Chabot explained.

Fair Calgary Policy aims to include all low-income Calgarians

thumb fairpolicy2Community activists gathered at City Hall chambers on Nov. 7 to discuss amendments to the Fair Calgary Policy. The program provides low-income Calgarians – many who may have disabilities - access to services like transit and recreation at a reduced or free cost.

Activists were there to lobby to include about 9,500 more low income Calgarians.

However, citizens were unable to speak to the issue. A motion was passed by all the aldermen to have the policy deferred for another month to discuss the estimated $5 million additional cost.

Conservative candidate a no-show at byelection forum on municipal issues

thumb NenshiWith just days before the polls open, candidates in Calgary's upcoming City Centre federal by-election gathered Nov. 18, for a lively forum at the Central Library.

The forum grilled candidates on the specifics of how they plan to advocate for Calgary if elected to the House of Commons.

Green Party Candidate Chris Turner, NDP candidate Dan Meades and Liberal
Party candidate Harvey Locke all attended the Cities Matter forum.