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It’s just not enough. That’s what local non-profit and community assistance programmers are saying about the first dental fee guide to come out in Alberta since 1997.

Rachel Currie, 17, knows all too well the side effects of cannabis. She started smoking at age 12, and didn’t realize she was headed for trouble.

Mackenzie Burge walks into the dimly lit cafe in Calgary’s East Village with her long blonde hair in a high ponytail, hiding under a puffy black winter jacket. She stands in the entrance distracted by a phone conversation before hanging up as she walks over, apologizing profusely even though she isn’t late. There isn’t a stitch of makeup on her face, but the 23-year-old looks flawless with long dark lashes, plump lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Adam Ward had tried to quit smoking before, but it wasn't until he tried vaping that it finally stuck. Now he's trying to help others do the same through his own two vape shops in south Calgary.