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Typically, when it comes to most children and youth textbooks on mental health, they too heavily revolve around diagnostic criteria, say a group of Alberta educators.

On the surface, 31-year-old Daryll Ymbang is the picture of mental stability — a married family man with a steady career in the IT industry. But underneath his successes, Ymbang is still battling the effects of mental health issues he says most in his Filipino family ignored for almost 15 years.

Unsatisfied with one-size fits all solutions, an increasing number of people are taking their health into their own hands. Biohacking, or do-it-yourself biology is a new way to approach health and self improvement. It goes where traditional healthcare doesn’t and aims to address health problems of any shape or size in new, customizable ways.

Laura Lushington, Calgary, 29

Laura Lushington was 13 years old when she came down with Epstein Barr Virus. She was exhausted all the time and had neck and gland pain. She had ovarian cysts in high school and was involved in a car accident that gave her whiplash. After the car accident, she began having chronic migraine but isn’t sure if it’s a direct correlation. On top of everything, she’s also developed a generalized anxiety disorder and depression, comorbid diseases to her chronic illness.