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If you’ve been cutting red meat from your diet in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re not alone. Studies have linked the consumption of red meat to diseases like cancer, type two-diabetes and heart disease. This has led organizations such as the World Cancer Research Fund to recommend serving up red meat no more than three times a week.

Canada Health’s food guide update is set to restore healthier eating habits in Canadian diets.  Changes are aimed at easier understanding of the suggested meal servings, like how much we should see on our plates.

Shoes and shorts is all Robert Knox needs for a good run based on time intervals once reserved for Olympic athletes

Runner Robert Knox is taking his outdoor running inside, to the state of the art facilities at Mount Royal University during the month of February as temperatures remain at record lows. 

Marnie Deschenes remembers the exact day when her life changed. It was June 15, 2013. Overnight, her son went from a healthy child to someone she barely recognized.