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The Calgary Journal


It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day outside the quiet house on the sleepy suburban street where I’m now floating, stark naked in a pitch-dark tank, devoid of my senses and completely alone, waiting for something to happen.

Between work and educational stress, the constant buzzing and whirring of the smartphones and social media apps in our pockets, existential threats bolstered by a haughty political climate and worries of the future, the normal day-to-day for an average Canadian is fraught with mental strain.

Mental illness can be difficult to deal with, especially when doing it alone. However, one local Calgary artist, Stacey Walyuchow, is using her passion for visual art to encourage others to challenge the struggles of dealing with anxiety and depression, including  postpartum.

It’s June 5, 2018, and the air is electric with chatter throughout the main atrium of the Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary, located on the glitzy Stephen Avenue.