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Laila Khelawan always struggled with her skin, having eczema on her arms and legs and sometimes on her face.

For years, Khelawan tried to find the “perfect” product that would moisturize but not inflame her eczema. She discovered that some brands are advertising a product as “organic” but according to the ingredients, it was a misleading claim.

“I just found that there's a lot of products out there but they really use their branding to sell something that they aren’t really selling,” Khelawan says.

Many companies, according to Khelawan, “Don't even say the stuff that's in there in their formulas so sometimes you'll buy something and you’ll have no idea what's in it because they don't even write the ingredients on it.”

Many Canadians take pride in our country’s official cocktail, the Caesar, even though it may have been inspired by an Italian dish. With this in mind, the Calgary Journal and Cannibale, a local barbershop and cocktail bar, teamed up to come up with four variations following the same preparation rules, based on four different cuisines in Canada.

The craft beer industry is booming in Calgary, but among the many micro-breweries, the city is also home to Canada’s largest craft brewery, Big Rock Brewery, which has been in operation for 35 years.

Professional photos and advertisements may seem picture-perfect, but a lot of steps must be taken in order to get a fantastic shot.