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Imagine suffering everyday from severe pain and being told by physicians your condition will only get worse with time. What would you do? Would you start researching treatments, looking for anything to take away a little bit of the suffering? Or would you decide that ending your life is the only option?

Trista Johnston went through a full training program to become a Bikram yoga teacher in Calgary, but she says the highlight of her education in the field has been her life experiences.

Johnston says yoga helps her feel connected and grounded, and that has allowed her to handle anything life throws her way.

Freshman 15 has been an epidemic across university campuses for years, proving to have harsh consequences on the lives, and weights, of many first-year students.

The term Freshman 15 describes first-year university students who gain an excessive amount of weight due to new factors the university life brings, including stress, excessive partying, and what is available to them at an affordable cost.

 Inside Out Theatre aims to change the way Calgary approaches the arts by working with the disabled community, for those with disabilities. The company is working to change the attitudes and the approach for making theatre more accommodating and accessible for everyone.

Riki Entz, the theatre’s accessibility associate, works with various venues around the city to make sure that more productions in Calgary are accessible to those with physical and mental disabilities.