Ann Hui, a well-known writer for the Globe and Mail, wanted to discover more about small-town Chinese restaurants and the histories of the families that run them, so she travelled across Canada in 2016 to understand them better.

She chronicled her stories in a recently released book, Chop Suey Nation, which came to stores this January. Her speech at Calgary’s new downtown public library in late March was one of the many stops along her tour.
After receiving a call about a train derailment in Southwest Calgary, Edwardson had to adjust her day to cover the breaking news.
This year, Mount Royal University began charging a course registration fee which had a lot of students searching for extra cash.

While the fee is eventually deducted from tuition costs, some students are struggling to balance their day to day finances and are looking for ways to increase their income and reduce debt.

Hoping to make it easier to buy unique, handmade gifts, that are not found in regular gift shops, Tiffany Armitage opened the Ravens Room to give people a place to find them. At the same time, she wants to provide local makers with a venue where they can sell their work.

It was not until October 2018, however, that Armitage had enough confidence to quit her job and open her own store.