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Calgary homeless shelters appreciate all their volunteers

VOLTHUMBThe Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre and The Mustard Seed are two Calgary homeless shelters that rely on people taking a few hours out of their busy lives to help someone else.

In fact, they rely on so many people who play an intricate role in the operation of both shelters.

Learning about the Army, losing a child, and where to go from there

WATTTHUMBMichael Hornburg invited me into his house with a smile. His four-level split home sits in the southwest of Calgary, but it felt more like a small cabin, with a coal-burning fireplace, on seven acres of mountainside real estate.

Bariatric surgery likened to any surgery that remedies disease, expert says

thumbFour women sit in a restaurant booth under the glow of hanging incandescent lights. They are at one of those all-day breakfast joints, and this is a special occasion: the monthly meeting of their weight-loss support group.

 To an outsider, though, this hardly looks like a group whose main concern is food addiction. For the most part, they are an average-sized bunch — one in particular is even bordering on skinny.

Pamela Tomlinson's life changed after her father's killer was charged only $115.

PamelaTomlinson5-thumbIn 2009, Pamela Tomlinson, 21, was outgoing, social, energetic, and confident enough to move away from her family and friends in Calgary to gain work experience. Tomlinson was hired by Astral Radio in Kelowna, B.C. while pursuing a management diploma at the University of British Columbia. Even though she was busy, she made time to visit her parents and sisters back in Calgary. She always had the time to be daddy's little girl.

 That all changed on Friday, Sept. 24, 2010.