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Program aims to increase interaction for seniors in need

AAGPthumb copyWhen you enter the Falcon Ridge home of Barbara (Pat) Pereira you are met by the wonderful aroma of coconut milk and other exotic spices simmering away on the stove.

The 68-year-old grandmother of 18 may not be frivolous with her money but she loves to have people over to cook for.

H for helpful: Guide tells parents if games are 'naughty or nice'

GameTitlesTHUMBFor parents, this holiday season has been made a little easier. While standing in the dreaded video game section, wondering if the game they are holding onto is appropriate for their child, they can now get their answers by simply asking their phone.

Calgary surgeons develop early diagnosis tool that anyone could be trained to use

thumb2You've just been struck by an avalanche. You're buried and you're not breathing. You have two broken ribs and a ruptured artery. It might take hours before you even see the emergency room, and by then you'll likely be dead.

Hat and chair dances empower, she says

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On Sunday mornings at the Alberta Ballet, women aged 30 through 60s occupy a dance studio where they learn sassy cabaret dance routines. When dancing the choreographies they learned, the women perform with strong stances and poses as they involve the props of chairs, hats and canes.