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Divorced Calgarians maintain a positive relationship for their son's wellbeing

hockeyTHUMBIt's Sunday afternoon at the hockey arena. Ten-year-old Michael McCutcheon takes the ice following the chirp of the whistle and a loud cheer erupts from the crowd.

Michael's dedicated fans include Heather and Randy Cook and Ken and Carolyn McCutcheon. At first glance they may appear to be a big group of friends. But look closer and you come to realize Heather and Ken are ex-husband and wife — and Randy and Carolyn are their new spouses. They sit together as a group for the majority of their 10-year-old son Michael's hockey games.

Expectant parents concerned about possible connections between allergies and other illnesses and environmental factors

nursethumbWhen Amanda Barker became pregnant with her first child, she began to look into the chemicals used in the skincare she would be using for her child, as well as materials used in everyday items the newborn would be in contact with.

 "Skincare was a huge deal for me," said Barker, who owns the store Edamame Kids in Calgary. "Even if it were labeled for use with a baby, I would always use it on myself first for a while before I would even consider trying it on her."

An age-old sport makes for fun fitness for all ages

thumb copy copyThe sword is a simple weapon, a long piece of metal with a handle and a pointed end. By itself it seems almost harmless, a collectable, a forgotten artifact in a museum, a novelty from a store perhaps.

 But when most add the image of a sword to the right character, the mind reels with swashbuckling tales. Thrusting, lunging, and parrying action by sword-fighters through the ages, from the Musketeers to Zorro to Luke Skywalker.

Ltrischuk artwear photo3 copyCalgarians 'j'adored' trends showcased from top boutiques in the city

A darkened hall with maroon and sapphire lights flooded the room, a glimpse of sequins and jewels could be seen out of the corner of one's eye; champagne flowed easily and graceful waiters served hors d'oeuvres while the glamorous, aristocratic men and women gossiped amongst themselves below the Eiffel Tower: a true night in Paris.