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Ltrischuk artwear photo3 copyCalgarians 'j'adored' trends showcased from top boutiques in the city

A darkened hall with maroon and sapphire lights flooded the room, a glimpse of sequins and jewels could be seen out of the corner of one's eye; champagne flowed easily and graceful waiters served hors d'oeuvres while the glamorous, aristocratic men and women gossiped amongst themselves below the Eiffel Tower: a true night in Paris.

Government imposes tough new warning labels on tobacco industry products

thumbnailA picture is worth a thousand words — at least that is what the Canadian government is counting on.

 Beginning next year, cigarette packs will be a lot more jarring as they'll feature graphic photos and stern messages about the dangers of tobacco use.

Yes, there are apps for that, and they're here to help

thumb G Drunk-Dial

You wake up. Your tongue feels like sandpaper scraping the roof of your mouth, the taste of tequila lingers in between molars and gums. The first couple rounds are still intact but after that seventh shot, what happened? How did I get home?

Donors are able to regularly donate blood, platelets or plasma at many locations across Calgary

thumb copyLucille Sawatsky has a hobby that saves people's lives — She is a regular blood donor at Canadian Blood Services in Calgary and has been named Canada's top female blood donor.

 The 70-year-old woman has donated blood, or parts of it, 893 times. By the end of the year, she will hit 900 donations.