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Calgary couples spill the beans on how to avoid divorce

thumbnailhandsThere are many definitions of marriage. Some say it's a sacred union, an unbreakable bond. Others say it's a joke.

But however you choose to define it, the fact is some couples choose to opt for divorce over so-called holy matrimony.

Why some Calgarians use detox diets

Detoxification is a treatment where individuals eliminate and cleanse the body of toxics. People that may consider a detox are those who suffer from environmental factors, chronic diseases and conditions, or those with allergies or immune system problems.

Fitness tips that should help battle the extra calorie intake during the cold months

fitnessSummer is officially over even though many of us may not be ready to admit it. The days are shorter and the option to stay healthy via outdoor activities is becoming limited.

Of course this is much easier said than done for most people who have overlooked their fitness goals for the year.

One woman 's battle with domestic violence who lived to talk about it

The story of abuse

Nancy Milton lived through domestic violence for 20 years and knows what it's like to be made to feel at fault.

Now a mother of three, Milton said for the majority of her marriage she walked on eggshells trying not to upset her husband and keep the peace in their family.