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One Calgary man learned to love his bipolar mother by letting her go

BipolarTHUMBSpending sprees. Dysfunctional relationships. Psychiatric wards. Crippling depressions. These are all terms that may describe a person in the grips of a bipolar disorder.

But what happens when that person is your mother?

Don't just decorate with pumpkins, bake and puree them into pumpkin mini muffins

muffinsthumbOnce the trees start turning yellow and our footsteps are followed by the crunch of dead leaves, pumpkins start popping up on front porches. For one night of the year, they leer at us with grotesque faces, shining their light on trick-or-treaters. But besides serving an ornamental purpose, they make a delicious filling for several types of food, including pumpkin mini muffins! I'll tell you how you can roast and puree your pumpkin into something delicious.

Calgary teen moms say show is misleading

teenmomTHUMBIn January of 2010, Alyssa Komusi sat in a bathroom stall at Chinook Centre staring at a positive pregnancy test. At only 18, Komusi said she was not prepared for this.

"I actually ended up taking four tests and I think I spent the whole day crying. I don't think I've ever cried so hard. It's scary and you don't really expect yourself to be going through that at such a young age," she said.

Nasal spray most effective in young people ages 6 to 18

Olivia-Condon1-thumbnailIt's time for your annual flu shot. With anxiety you wait until it is your turn to go inside, where the doctor unwraps a fresh needle to give you an injection.

 If you are one of those people who are getting goose bumps just by imagining this scene, there's a new alternative to getting a flu shot.