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Learn how to break the silence during bad dates

awkwarddateinfographicTHUMBAutumn McCabe, 43, walked out of her condo complex towards a man waiting inside a Hummer. The man peered behind his messy hair and dirty jeans and said he had been sick with diarrhea for three days, but was currently on medication.

McCabe was on a blind date.

Canadian mother found solace from her son's incarceration on the World Wide Web

MWSIPThumbnailThe story begins with a question: where do mothers go for support when their sons go to prison?

For former Calgarian mother and Canadian executive director of Mothers With Sons In Prison, Susan Black, that very question led her to discovering a "one of a kind website" that connects mothers from around the globe whose sons are serving time in prisons.

Overcoming cancer, and expressing his journey

thumbnail copy copy copyLooking at the bright smile on his face, and seeing the passion for life in his eyes, one would never expect to learn that 53-year-old graphic designer/painter Doug Driediger had come face-to-face with a cancer that could have taken his life only six years ago.

Saucy, red-hot and risqué, burlesquercise helps ladies discover their inner vixen

thumbnail copy copy copy copyMention "burlesque" to some folks and they retract in bashfulness and dismiss the subject as some sort of taboo.

The image of scantily clad Christina Aguilera, perhaps even – heaven forbid – nude women flash into mind and usually blushing ensues.