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Glorious, glorious food

thumb bowlWEBWhen you go to the supermarket, you can find anything you want in a box - food is processed, chemically altered and coloured until it's unrecognizable from its original form, and all nutrients present in the natural food tend to disappear. Food is often microwaved and then scarfed down without a thought for nutrition or flavour. 

We seek a return to stand over the stove - eat from the jar - finger-licking good - food.

Aging blood donor population is becoming an increasing concern

thumbnail copyA usual trip to the mall turned out to be somewhat different for Jen Meyer. It wasn't long after she had stepped out of her vehicle when she began to feel faint, and at one point reached the point of nearly passing out.

"I'd always had trouble with my hemoglobin" Meyer said.

As explained by the Canadian Blood Services, hemoglobin is the pigment that makes blood red. It is an essential part of the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body. The hemoglobin molecule itself contains iron which comes from diet.

Pound For Pound Challenge donates to food bank

thumbnailOn a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Calgary's Prince's Island Park, Kevin Smith and five of his clients meet for a grueling workout. A benefit of the workout is not only a personal one, but also giving back to the community.

Smith, 44, owns Body Be Fit, a personal training and lifestyle business. Looking for a way to give back to the community and the less fortunate, Smith created the Pound for Pound Challenge.

How one dog made Calgary home with the help of Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation’s adoption program

Boxita5thumbnailLast November, Boxita, a mixed breed dog from Cancun, Mexico, quivered in fear as she was lead up the snow covered lawn of the home she now shares with Calgary resident Melody Grant.