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Resources that make transitioning to vegetarianism a piece of cake 

thumb lushingtonsaladHello Calgary Journal readers! My name is Laura and I am an editor over at the print edition of The Calgary Journal. Silvia, the web editor of Calgary Voices, has asked me to help contribute to the food blog, as I have been slowly transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

When I first start living the veg-life, I realized I was going to need to do a lot of research to get it right. So, to help you on your veg journey, or your journey to just eat healthier, I have created this list of my favourite veg resources that have helped me learn and grow into my veg life. All the websites offer nutrition information, recipes and tips for healthier eating.

A different kind of personal training offers a no fuss, rough and tough way to get fit


Forget the fancy televisions, towel service, steam rooms and wall to wall mirrors that are included in a typical fitness facility, and take a step into the rugged Curry Barracks for a new take on getting fit.

A Calgary family shares their experiences

thumbnail copy copySome may think a day filled with academics, school sports, homework, and other hobbies sounds like a recipe for exhaustion for young children. However, there have been multiple studies conducted that indicate that this lifestyle can have just the opposite effect.

 Some Calgary families say they agree with such suggestions.

Glorious, glorious food

thumb bowlWEBWhen you go to the supermarket, you can find anything you want in a box - food is processed, chemically altered and coloured until it's unrecognizable from its original form, and all nutrients present in the natural food tend to disappear. Food is often microwaved and then scarfed down without a thought for nutrition or flavour. 

We seek a return to stand over the stove - eat from the jar - finger-licking good - food.