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New baby means changes to relationships

familythumbMike and Dawn Norris welcomed their first child, Isla, on June 6, 2011. Though the couple said they've been really lucky with their daughter, the new parents said they need to check in with each other to see how each is doing.

"It's okay to feel overwhelmed and it's okay to have your tough times but talking it out makes things better," said Mike, 29.

Food for Thought takes place Saturday, October 15th

InTheSameBoatposterOftentimes when we go grocery shopping, we pick foods that are in convenient little boxes, wrapped in shiny plastics or anything under a sale sign.

The second annual Food for Thought aims to make Calgarians more aware of the processes food goes through before ending up on the grocery shelf. The social event will combine organic food sampling as well as a premiere documentary film showing.

Making the choice of whom we hold dearest

No longer does the nuclear family consist of a mom, a dad and 2.5 children. The meaning of family has changed into something beautifully complex and includes friends, pets, potential spouses, roommates, grandparents and people we decide for ourselves.

Post-secondary students seem to lack full knowledge of services available on campus

thumbnail wellnessPost-secondary institutions across Calgary fear that students aren't utilizing the entirety of their health services.

"It's shocking, yet so common for me to find out how little students know about the entirety of the services we provide here at the clinic," said Francesca Mancini, wellness services administrator in charge of health services and optimal therapies at MRU.