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Post-secondary students seem to lack full knowledge of services available on campus

thumbnail wellnessPost-secondary institutions across Calgary fear that students aren't utilizing the entirety of their health services.

"It's shocking, yet so common for me to find out how little students know about the entirety of the services we provide here at the clinic," said Francesca Mancini, wellness services administrator in charge of health services and optimal therapies at MRU.

One bar and two straps equal a solid workout

thumbnailIt would be hard to believe that two straps that hang from a bar would create the newest craze in fitness. But, people who try the new workout routine, known as TRX, are sold right away.

Niki Still, group fitness coordinator for MRU, says, "TRX suspension training straps allow you to engage your core muscles throughout every exercise.

Is the food that we eat good for us?

thumbnail-org-foodYou can walk into a grocery store, grab a pre-cooked chicken, a bag of potato wedges and a bottle of pop, drive home and you have yourself dinner for under $10 and in under 10 minutes, depending on how close you live.

With modern day busy lifestyles, food choices have to be quick, simple and ready to go, says Michelle Malmberg, holistic nutritionist.

1 in 3 students at Mount Royal University involved in a violent relationship

violencePost-secondary is a time of great adventure and discovery, but with that comes all the dangers we so frequently hear about.

Alcohol, drugs and sexual health are just a few of the risks that post-secondary students are often reminded of. However, there is one risk that doesn't always get the attention that it deserves – dating violence.