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The Calgary Journal


After discovering her passion for helping people as a volunteer at Canmore’s local hospital, Iola Agir Koether went into nursing. She now works as a Canadian travel nurse, experiencing the happiness and hardships of the job, as well as facing the effects of COVID-19 first-hand. 

Sherrie Smith has worked more than a dozen jobs that never made her happy. But after finding her passion for nutrition and wellness, Smith settled on a physical training job that gives her the chance to change others’ lives in a unique way.

Cody Wilkie grew up disconnected from her culture and is working to reconnect to her Anishinaabe roots, but due to climate change, she’s afraid that she might never be able to see her ancestral homelands and her people’s sacred landmarks.

Mellow music plays as Alice Tsui disinfects her tattoo bed for the arrival of her client. 

The newly developed Fox and Machine tattoo shop is tucked underneath Calgary’s historic C.C Snowden building, where the pungent aroma of rubbing alcohol immediately greets the nose.