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The Calgary Journal


After eight years of constant partying and struggling with addiction, local graffiti artist David Brunning is taking his art to new heights working as an artist full-time. 

Colton O'Reilly had many musical experiences growing up, ultimately leading to him form the band I Am The Mountain. The band’s new album We’re Here For Each Other focuses on a new style of jazz music that deviates from their older albums that centred around campfire soul. However, his real dream is to perform in front of a smaller audience, when he becomes an elementary school music teacher.

In the basement studio of his unassuming Calgary home, local musician Sean Perrin begins work on the next episode of his podcast, Clarineat.

Looking out from a church, Taanis Bellerose quietly watches as people pass by, a practice she once spent entire days doing. Her eyes fall to a particular corner she used to work, and she thinks to herself, “It took me 30 years to go 25 feet.”