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Connie Jakab’s passion for mental health developed because of her sons’ hospitalization for threats of suicide. Despite this challenging experience, she is bringing awareness to youth mental health through her book, Culture Rebel, hosting workshops and family coaching sessions.

Chris Tutty loved art as a kid but gave it up to pursue a geology degree. It wasn’t until years later that he returned to his passion of being an artist.

For the past 10 years, Asim Haque’s main job has been as a trader, but four years ago, he discovered a passion for street photography while taking photos on his Blackberry.

Matt Tolman designed board games and crowdfunded projects, before finding himself at the ground floor of a Calgary tech startup. However, he left that all behind to find community and contentment as a local artisan woodworker.

Tolman first encountered game design when a neighbour asked for his opinion on a board game they were making.