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Laurie Falconer’s life was forever altered when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, but despite the difficulties she faced she was able to establish The Cookie Jar, a 100 per cent gluten-free business.

Five years ago Falconer began struggling with unfamiliar health issues that started impacting her daily routine.
When Dan Martens’ love for graffiti art started getting him in trouble with the law, he knew it was time to start making some better choices.

From a young age, Beverly Robertson was drawn to hairdressing, sitting on the steps of her house and cutting her father's hair.

When she was 13-years-old, Robertson watched her mother's hairdresser dye her hair and then decided to try it for herself.

Determined, Robertson headed to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up bleach to do highlights in her girlfriends’ hair.

Lloyd Summers started making video games at an early age. However, he did not start his own software development company, Red Iron Labs, until much later — after working what he called unfulfilling corporate jobs.