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She’s in a foreboding forest shrouded in tall pine trees and thick branches, illuminated only by the moon’s pale blue light. She’s alone — at least from anything human. Her eyes scan the scene in a frenzied panic while her hair is covered in snow. She frantically checks her watch and then looks in front of her, meeting the glowing yellow eyes of what she’s searching for. The monster has no facial expression, but it’s clear they have a past.  

It all began with a burst of machine gun fire.

Seventeen-year-old Bojan Rijic and his girlfriend walked into town for a night out in 1991. The sight of nationalist militias was not concerning, even though they marched around with automatic weapons through Slavonski Brod, a town in Croatia.

Next time you’re at the Calgary Courts Centre paying for a parking ticket make sure you stop by the Mohkinstsis tent — a safe space where you can discuss healing the relationship with First Nation communities. The man you’ll see sitting in that tent awaiting your questions is Garret Smith.

Larissa Arthur, 33, ran into her mother’s house with tears streaming down her face and a scream escaping her lips.

“Dad’s dead.”