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Multi-disciplinary artist injects new energy into contemporary Aboriginal issues through art

thumbnailsolwayMetis leader, Louis Riel once said, "My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back."

Terrance Houle is one of those artists. He is creating change amongst his people, but is perhaps doing it in a way Mr. Riel never thought possible.

Son to a Canadian Armed Forces Sergeant, Houle was a true nomad living all across the prairies of Canada, in such cities as Calgary, Yorkton, Winnipeg and Moose Jaw.

Nicole Tomney, of NRT, talks about the struggles and successes of fashion design in Calgary's growing market

NRTFashions ThumbnailOn a footstool in the middle of a white-walled living room that has been converted into an artist's workplace and showroom, sits local fashion designer Nicole Tomney — the mastermind behind NRT.

Covered head to toe in black, Tomney, 25, is a convoluted vision of a stunning blonde beauty that has been dipped in metal music and punk influences.

Gingerly uncrossing her tattooed bare feet that were crossed over her leather-clad legs, Tomney laughs at the mention of having a personal life.

22-year-old overcame depression after injury through new sport

PowerlifterTBNLIn the depths of SAIT Polytechnic, down several flights of stairs, is Peak Power Sport Development. Here, 22-year-old powerlifter Breann Thiessen trains for the sport that gave her a second chance.

The 4-11 athlete moves through the gym with a perpetual smile on her face, joking with teammates and preparing to start a brand new program. Considering the serious lifting done here, the atmosphere is light and positive, which can't help but be partially attributed to Thiessen's demeanor.

With chalk on her hands, she grips the bar at her feet, the smile momentarily fading. It's time to go to work.

Hockey past fought against Mennonite peaceful teachings

Mennonite Pastor Doug KlassenThe Mennonite community preaches peace but Senior Pastor Doug Klassen, 47, has often found it hard to always follow those ideals because he grew up a hockey player with fighting tendencies.

Klassen has been a pastor at Foothills Mennonite Church for 16 years and a Senior Pastor since 2000. He explained that leading a life of peace is based on how Jesus lived his life. Many Mennonites fled to North America from Holland after they were pressured into military action.