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The 21-year-old disappeared after getting in a fight in September 2014

profiles manconi j23missingTHUMBUpdate: Family confirmed Justin Rhodes' body was found March 25, 2015. For the updated story click here.


That frantic Facebook post on Sept. 26, 2014 by Karleen Thibault marked the beginning of a search for her son Justin Rhodes.

Just two days earlier, Calgary Police said Rhodes went to a house party and a fight broke out; Rhodes was the victim and police charged an unnamed 20 year old with common assault. Police ultimately concluded the incident was unrelated to Rhodes' disappearance.

Rhodes left the party in a vehicle but never made it home. At an October news conference, Staff Sgt. Travis Baker said Rhodes asked to be let out at the intersection of Southland Drive and Acadia Drive S.E. at 10:30 p.m. No one has reported seeing or hearing from him since.

Unique service offers haunted tours through some of Calgary's prominent neighbourhoods

Johanna Lane of Ghost Tours CalgaryJohanna Lane, 49, has done it all. She's been in the military, hypnotized people, overcome adversity and now she runs Ghost Tours Calgary, despite the fact that she is skeptical about the existence of ghosts.

A self-proclaimed "base brat," Lane's early life was spent living on various military bases ranging from Halifax, N.S. to Esquimalt, B.C.. Lane eventually ended up working in the military for five years as an air weapons specialist.

Living in a wildlife wonderland

BillAbercrombieImage thumbnailBill Abercrombie's love of animals and the outdoors led him to becoming an animal control expert. But sometimes he has clients that want him to do a lot more than just control their animal problems.

Abercrombie's love for the outdoors started at a very young age. He says he just wanted to "spend a lot of time in the bush with wildlife."

"I had an uncle who was a homesteader and trapper up in Peace River country. His story had a big influence on me."

 That led him to his own life working outdoors as a trapper, slowly moving into setting up his own business — Animal Damage Control. The biggest obstacle for him was the changeover from his life's passion, into a career.

Contrary to the popular movie Nanny Diaries, it does not take just "the nanny" to raise a child.

thumbnailsimplynannyNannies usually are employed to raise other people's children, but Sarah Kapcsos, 33, a former teacher, au pair and now nanny, says she's there to help the parents raise their own children.

Travelling back to the beginning of her career, Kapcsos remembers being a year out of high school when she decided to make the big move to Washington, D.C. to attend an exchange program to become an Au Pair.

"It was a totally new world," remembers Kapcsos. "I was in a different country, on the east coast in a big city, living in a home I'd never been in before."