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Calgary-based singer-songwriter and teacher Alex Labbé has always had a knack for all things music. But he has also been able to prove that with dedication, a childhood hobby can lead to a lifelong career.

Many young women desire the life of travel and wealth that often comes with a successful modelling career. However, Calgary's Jenna Free attained this often-elusive dream but chose to give it up to become a body positivity coach and promote intuitive eating for women.

Denise Blair became the founder and executive director of the Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS) in 1998 but much happened before she was able to receive that title.

Celia Posyniak’s position as the executive director of the Kensington Clinic has led to impacts on both her personal and professional life but she has persevered due to her passion for women’s reproductive health, achieving milestones such as legislated protection for staff and patients.