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Pedrom Nasiri is a 30 year-old Ph.D. student at the University of Calgary who studies multi-partner kinship across Canada with polyamory being one facet of that work. Though the interest isn’t exclusively academic as Nasiri is currently involved in an intimate polyamorous partnership with seven other partners.

Polyamory is having a close emotional, often sexual, relationship with a number of persons at the same time who are aware of one another. It is also described as non-monogamous.

Beni Johnson grew up in Fort McMurray, where he identified as one of the few people of colour.

Good Earth barista Alexandra Aguila is a dedicated worker. She is also a student at the University of Calgary. Between balancing her job and her school work, she still finds time to express her passion through music and performance, most recently with an alumni choir from her former high school, Notre Dame.

Tenille Riechelmann says she never expected to have to quit her full-time job as a graphic designer to pursue her own artistic fulfillment.