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By focusing the lens on people he meets on the street, Jeremy Fokkens makes personal connections in order to get authentic snapshots that tell a story

3thumbJeremy Fokkens met Rubina on one of his evening treks through Dhaka, Bangladesh. She approached him and asked him for money three nights in a row. When he refused on the third night, Fokkens said the 11-year-old girl quit asking for money, but returned his greeting whenever he walked by.

Fokkens referred to meeting Rubina as one of his most profound encounters. She was going to school during the day and, because her father was sick and unable to work, had to beg to help support her family at night. Fokkens said they hung out on the street while he asked questions, through a translator, and took photos of her.

What surprised him the most, he said, was that she never asked for anything in return.

Next month, Buzan begins university with a new outlook after beating back leukemia in record time

Buzan Pierard4thumbHave you ever had that feeling that things in your life are too good to be true?

This was the case for 20-year-old Dillon Buzan who had just spent his summer working at Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch near Bragg Creek as a camp counselor. It was the best job he ever had, as it gave him a chance to work outdoors, be physically active and develop new friendships. He also met a fellow counselor named Katie Pierard, who became his girlfriend.

"It was the best time of my life," he says.

As camp was coming to an end, Buzan anticipated starting Mount Royal University.

That was until he noticed a lump on his neck during the last few weeks of summer. Everyone at camp told him it was likely just a swollen lymph node, nothing to worry about.

How magic went from being his hobby to his livelihood, and everything in between

Profile magician zulueta2thumbA magician never shares his secrets. It's the cardinal rule of the profession, cloaking the field in an air of mystery and intrigue.

But on a cool evening at Higher Ground Café magician Malcolm Russell, 44, is going to share some secrets of the trade. Malcolm is a charming, dark-haired English gentleman. He's impeccably dressed, and his welcoming nature makes you feel as though you are in for something exciting.

"Do you want to see the first card trick I ever learned?" he asks, pulling out a deck of cards. He asks me to pick any card I would like. I choose the two of diamonds.

Malcolm requests that I place the card on top of the deck, and then cut the deck anywhere. I oblige, and then complete the cut as requested. He repeats what I've just done.

As Calgary's art scene continues to grow, designer Alex Krewiak is determined to set herself apart as a standout

braceltsImagine you live in a fairytale. Not your typical fairytale but instead a dark cold world.

Would you succumb to the darkness or find beauty in your surroundings?

Alex Michelle Krewiak — a.k.a A.M.K. — is helping you find the light in that world with her mystical, dark and stunning pieces.

Krewiak is an advertising student turned jewelry designer who is redefining local Calgary jewelry. Featured at the inaugural YYC Fashion Week held at the King Edward C-Space on Sept. 25, 2013, Krewiak wowed the crowd with her whimsical and romantic jewelry. She describes her newest collection as "the darkness inside fairytales, and demons, and finding the light and the beauty within that."