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Organizing marriages for high profile clients

Young-at-DeskWhen most people are 15, they are thinking about whom they want to marry, not about planning other people’s weddings. For Julianne Young, it was just the opposite. Young was thinking about being a wedding planner, something she now does for high profile clients.

Her first wedding memory was her sister’s wedding when she was 12.

“I just remember being so overwhelmed with emotion walking down the aisle — as a bridesmaid — and just crying,” she said.

Describing her decision to become a wedding planner in her teens, Young said, “I made a list and I thought, ok, what am I really good at, what do I really love.”

Calgary's sought-out psychic, Sandra Coates

Coates over-the-shoulderthumbGrowing up on a Saskatchewan farm 65 years ago with hardly anything, Sandra Coates was taught how to do more than just play games with a deck of cards. She is now a popular psychic.

In her Arbor Lake apartment, Coates lights the candles on her comfortably cluttered oak table as she recalls how her mother would do the same.

A common night in her childhood home would include her mother playing a mouth-organ instrument while Coates and her four siblings would dance and sing. After, they would settle at the table, read tea-leaves and then play their favorite game: mental telepathy.

HeronSittingthumbStacie Lee Heron originally studied fashion design, landing her a career creating clothes for people to wear but not making a lot of money. Recognizing the opportunity for financial gain, she’s had much more success by just dressing and styling individuals in Calgary.

Growing up taking sewing lessons and obsessing over magazines, Heron knew fashion was going to play a role in her career. 

“I’ve been sewing ever since I was little, my mom put me in sewing lessons but I actually hated it.”

Freelance makeup artist Jade Brunes approaches her busiest time of the year  Halloween  while following her love for specialty makeup

Calamity JadeWhen native Calgarian Jade Brunes walked onto the set of the independent film Battle Earth in September 2012, she had no idea that the experience would be life changing.

Brunes was there as a favour to a friend who worked with the small production company Rambunxious Entertainment. She spent her first day as a general production assistant, holding lights, running errands, moving gear and helping out wherever she was needed.

The next day, however, things changed. The lead makeup artist's assistant cancelled at the last minute, and Brunes was asked to take her place despite having no experience with professional makeup. The job was a big one: a full alien prosthetic that took roughly four hours to complete.