Calgary couple raises daughter to accept cultural differences, and results are emerging

ChristmasWhen five-year-old Parisa Lorenzetti came home from school one afternoon last fall, her mother, Liza Lorenzetti, could tell she was upset.

Parisa didn't explain what was wrong until bedtime, when it came out that a boy at her school teased another girl because of the colour of her skin.

Aalayna Spence embracing new life as First Nations woman

TransgenderCalgarianAalynaSpenceWhen 19-year-old Aalayna Spence examines herpast, she says she can’t believe how many goals she has achieved since she decided to live her life how it was supposed to be. Growing up in Manitoba, she now lives in Calgary and is embarking on a journey to live fully as a woman.

“I’ve always felt like a woman. When I was a kid I would put a towel on my head to imitate long hair,” says Spence, as she flips her long shiny black hair.

Paul Mahony's many close calls have little effect on how he approaches his adventurous life


If you call it a near-death experience, he'll correct you.

For Paul Mahony, they're just close calls.

A prolific skier, mountaineer and sailor, Mahony has faced multiple dangerous situations.

He has capsized while sailing on Lake Superior, nearly suffocated in a skiing crash that dumped him into a snow-filled tree well and narrowly avoided being hit by an avalanche.

Second wave of refugees adapting to Canadian city life

YESHIShe arrived to Calgary at 8:00 p.m. on a cold March night to a welcoming crowd of Tibetans, bright lights of video cameras, and the many questions of multiple reporters.

Yeshi Choedon, is a 28-year-old Tibetan immigrant from a small village in the Arunachal Pradesh province of India. With 26 Tibetan refugees, Choedon immigrated to Canada.

Weeks after her initial arrival, Choedon admits she is overwhelmed by her new country. But with a large smile on her face she says, "Still I don't believe I am in Canada."