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Producer Calvin Maltin, industry professionals talk finding fame in film

filmmaker thumbCalgarians run on a nine-to-five work schedule. The colour and melody of arts and entertainment is mostly drowned out by the mechanical buzz of a labour system geared for efficiency.

Deep in the system, there are radicals who work to produce escapism through film.

Among them is 21-year-old Calgary independent filmmaker, Calvin Maltin.

Lara Presber dishes on developing her 'signature' style

Lara thumb"You can definitely say it's a bit of an addiction," says Lara Presber in her studio.

While she shares the space with two interior designers, it's a perfect resemblance of her passions: a mix between interior design and architectural elements surrounded by mannequins, materials and sketches of dresses.

Presber originally went to school for architecture and pursued a career in the field.


Anya Ayoung Chee beat the odds and came out a winner

Anya thumbCalgary doesn't quite make the list when it comes to fashion, with Canada's major fashion schools located in Toronto and Vancouver.

Trinidad and Tobago isn't exactly a global hothouse for fashion design either, yet that's where Anya Ayoung Chee, winner of Project Runway Season 9, hails from.

Ayoung Chee launched her first collection Pilar by Anya in 2009.

10-year collector hopes to host city's first sneaker convention

thumb shoes_thumbCeiling-high piles of shoes occupy Albert Myles Mejia's home. Estimated at 150 pairs, his collection includes brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Pumas and Reebok. Costing about $100 to $250 each pair, the total retail value of his collection is about $30,000.

"Growing up as a kid, I always travelled to the States with my parents," Mejia said, "and buying sneakers from a different country was always my thing." He added that he always wanted to have the sneakers that nobody else had.