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thumb E_Caitlin-GallichanCaitlin Gallichan-Lowe says 'arts can save lives'

Passionate. Bold. Creative. Inspiring. These are some of the words colleagues, students and friends had to say about Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe, the drama teacher at Western Canada High School.

"The arts can save lives, especially at that high school age when people are feeling really vulnerable and trying to figure out who they are," said Gallichan-Lowe.

Bad PortraitsMandy Stobo used social media to advance project

The tagline for Mandy Stobo's Twitter account sums up her work: "I am an art project of Bad Portraits. You send me a pic and I make a very poor watercolor of it that kind of resembles you, but not really."

Stobo, a single mom, began her project when she was living in Canmore with her son.

Performing as a form of therapy

Thumbnail VishaShe is vain. She is vindictive. She is vogue; or so Visha Loo – a Calgary-based contortionist, artist, and fetish event planner – describes herself.

A familiar face in Calgary's alternative scene, Visha Loo is a stage character created by Janice Adshade, who sews all her own lace and latex costumes, sports outlandish makeup and is the creative director behind her shocking – and usually adult-only – performances in Calgary for the past six years.

Handmade sculptures express the belief that two things can become one

thumb DSC 1470Two figures stand side-by-side, but they are two parts that form a whole. One white, one brown: seamlessly blending in together. The brown rabbit is almost caressing the white ceramic drum.