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It can be difficult for individual artisans to make a profit in certain parts of the world. But Calgary’s Ten Thousand Villages gives citizens from underdeveloped communities the opportunity to put their handmade products on the market.

Charles Woods began powwow competitions after a memorable dream a few years ago.

mrurecThe front entrance of Mount Royal Cougars and Athletics and Recreation. Photo by George Potter.

Some people have the assumption that you have to be a jock to enjoy the gym. However, Mount Royal Cougars Athletics and Recreation have been focusing on creating an inclusive environment for everyone, and it’s been paying off with more public membership.  

Every morning Nina Kharey wakes up with two passions in mind; two passions that little by little have formed her up to the woman she is today; two passions that are different from each other but are also the best complement. This woman who was born in Canada, of parents who emigrated from India, describes herself as a "strong, persistent person who knows what she wants and who will not give up until she finds a way to achieve that."

This can be seen in Kharey's day-to-day life as the founder and designer of NONIE, a clothing brand that in less than five years has managed to position itself nationally and internationally.

It all started thanks to her family, which is why Kharey feels so much love and passion for them. Since childhood she was always very close to them; in fact, her relationship with her brother was one of the aspects that most impacted her as a person.