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Former child soldier Deng Lueth tells of the day war came to his village and how he's rebuilding his life

Thumbnail FINAL2 DSC 0220Deng Lueth, 6, woke up on a particularly sunny day. It had been raining in his village the past two days, keeping him indoors and close to his family. But today there would be sunshine — so Deng jumped out of bed, shoveled breakfast into his mouth and told his mom he was going out to play.

Deng's village, a close-knit community of 2,000 people, was in what is now South Sudan. Each member of the community had a role to fill. Deng's job today was to help the older boys take the goats to graze.

The boys made their way to a large open field west of the village and let the goats roam while they divided into teams and constructed makeshift hockey barriers. Deng took off his shirt and shoes and laid them on a pile of dirt to function as a goalpost.

MRU photojournalists capture Faces of Calgary

LT E Parm-SuriParm Suri has lived in Calgary for nine years. He says he believes the city is in need of more schools.

Photo by Masha Scheele
A Calgary photojournalism project is challenging photographers to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Photographers strive to get to know Calgary residents and share their stories via photo and text with the hopes of bridging gaps between Calgary as a community.

The creator of the Faces of Calgary project, photographer Paul Coates, says he hopes the results will portray a more unique side of Calgarians.

MRU journalism alumni and students discuss experiences as media members in the heart of a city disaster


As floodwaters ravaged southern Alberta this summer, alumni and journalists from Mount Royal University were at the centre of it all. Whether it was the reports on TV, the pictures in the newspapers or the stories online, these media members worked around the clock to get the news to you.

This Tuesday, the Faculty of Communications and the journalism department hosted a panel at MRU that included many of the students from past and present who were among the most involved with the devastating floods. These are their stories:

'Calgary's been good to me'

This is a look at a new biography of Calgary businessman and philanthropist Sam Switzer. As a businessman, Sam Switzer built apartment buildings, hotels and shopping malls — leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape of Calgary.

As a philanthropist, he quietly donated millions of dollars to the arts, social agencies, educational institutes and medical research programs — helping to improve the lives of untold Calgarians.

The story of Switzer's life is detailed in the biography Seeking the Summit: Sam Switzer's Story of Building and Giving. Sydney Sharpe, the book's author, and its publisher Frontenac House are both Calgary-based.