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The Calgary-based magician, juggler and vaudeville artist says his love of performance has been with him all his life

jamesjordan thumbnailAs a magician, comedian and vaudeville performer, James Jordan is a multi-talented performer. Running his own business, setting up gigs and performances, and serving as director for multiple shows at the Loose Moose Theatre Company and other locations, he is happy to call himself a completely self-sufficient performer.

thumb E_PictureLife has lead her to a successful path full of Latin rhythms and sabor

In South America, when a girl turns 15 a big party is thrown. It is called a quinceañera.

A choreographed dance routine is one of the most important activities during that party and this is how Paulina Posadas Dagio started dancing.

But 10 years later, the Morelia Mexican is the world salsa champion – and a major influence on Calgary's salsa dancing scene.

thumb E_Caitlin-GallichanCaitlin Gallichan-Lowe says 'arts can save lives'

Passionate. Bold. Creative. Inspiring. These are some of the words colleagues, students and friends had to say about Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe, the drama teacher at Western Canada High School.

"The arts can save lives, especially at that high school age when people are feeling really vulnerable and trying to figure out who they are," said Gallichan-Lowe.

Bad PortraitsMandy Stobo used social media to advance project

The tagline for Mandy Stobo's Twitter account sums up her work: "I am an art project of Bad Portraits. You send me a pic and I make a very poor watercolor of it that kind of resembles you, but not really."

Stobo, a single mom, began her project when she was living in Canmore with her son.