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Three SAIT grads turn backpacking trip into a reality show

THUMBDSC 0359At Burt and Lucy's canteen, the walls are tarps and in place of a floor, uneven sand. There is no electricity, no working lights or refrigeration either. The kitchen prep area is littered with sugar canisters and jugs of vinegars — while white candlesticks stand freely for light.

Calgarian's feather accessories to grace aboriginal fashion show

thumbJEgan feathers With high heels, a winning smile and six-inch-long feather earrings dangling from her lobes, Melanie Parsons has taken the Calgary fashion scene by storm with her feather accessory business, Savage Rose Designs.

Christa Hill says teaching has prepared her for motherhood

THUMBSkaterEdit6Christa Hill's skates are tied tight, and she's bundled up in a black faux-fur coat and sweater. As she stands on the ice discussing costumes with a parent, her protruding belly visibly pokes out between the folds of her jacket.

Nino Acosta,  has traveled over the world filming the style called Bachata to turn it into a film.

Screen-shot-2012-03-02-at-10.41In September 2012 the film "The Bachata Chronicles" will be released. Nino Acosta — native to the Dominican Republic— and the film's creator, talks about the various topics that will be explored in this film: "I'm talking about the dancers, history itself, the history of dance, the history of several people, who influenced the most in this dance and who created the movement."