The ski jumps at Canada Olympic Park (COP) will see their final flights this year, but winter sports lovers should not despair.

Winsport has announced that it will open an all-season freestyle ski and snowboard training park this summer. The park with help athletes train for the upcoming 2020 Winter X Games hosted in Calgary.
For many young athletes, representing their country on an international stage is a dream. For Anya Bereznicki, it’s becoming a regular occurrence.

The 15-year-old showjumper has already started to make a name for herself as one of Canada’s premier up-and-coming equestrian athletes.
Nataliia Klimenova made it to the top of the leagues while playing volleyball for her native country, Ukraine. However, she changed her life for the opportunity to come and play on a team in Canada, striving to play in the defencive position of libero for Mount Royal University.

Fantasy sports has exploded the world of online betting over the last 10 years, but did you know it actually began in the early 1960s?

Fantasy Sports Culture is an investigative multimedia project focusing on the explosion of a new online fantasy betting culture that has taken North America by storm. Reporters spoke to people involved directly in different online fantasy leagues as well as looking at expert sources. This project is plump with all the information needed to understand and explore fantasy sports.

sportsinfograph 01Graphic by Alexandra Nicholson
Read more about the history, the economics, and the addiction and gambling side to the story.

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