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In June 2017, 31-year-old Simon Donnelly was playing in a men's league soccer match in Calgary. Donnelly cut right, blew past a defender and kept racing up the field with the ball. However, the man he thought he shook off was in hot pursuit. The defender kicked at Donnelly’s heel causing a significant knee injury.

“I was screaming before I even hit the ground,” recalls Donnelly.

When the other players and referees realized Donnelly wasn’t faking a soccer injury, he was carried off the field. But when he stood up to see if he could walk it off his knee buckled, and his long journey of recovery began. 

The undefeated Cavalry squared off against FC Edmonton on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at Spruce Meadows. The first leg of the Alberta Classico, the Canadian Premier League’s version of the ‘Battle of Alberta’ took place in the rain and cold weather. Fans from both sides braved the elements and cheered on their squads. Reporter Peter Brand caught all the action from the sidelines and the stands.                                                                                                                                                                            

The ski jumps at Canada Olympic Park (COP) will see their final flights this year, but winter sports lovers should not despair.

Winsport has announced that it will open an all-season freestyle ski and snowboard training park this summer. The park with help athletes train for the upcoming 2020 Winter X Games hosted in Calgary.
For many young athletes, representing their country on an international stage is a dream. For Anya Bereznicki, it’s becoming a regular occurrence.

The 15-year-old showjumper has already started to make a name for herself as one of Canada’s premier up-and-coming equestrian athletes.