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Calgarians used to visiting Richmond Green golf course will only have this season to use the facility before it closes later in the fall.

This comes after city council decided to close the city-owned golf course due to its poor attendance and financial problems.

Indian Relay Racing’s third stop from season opener adds heat and might to the games

 For fans of Indian Relay Racing, the sport’s exhibition in High River, Alta during the town’s annual rodeo weekend, Guy Weadick Days, is a can’t-miss attraction.

The relay races require extreme athleticism, as riders complete a lap around the track on horseback before jumping off as quickly as possible onto the next horse.

The Western Women’s Canadian Football League origins date back to 2011. Since then the Calgary Rage has grown from a small team of women wanting to play tackle football to a team that rosters 35-40 players, full coaching staff and eventually 2017 WWCFL Western Conference Champions. On Saturday, June 1, 2019, the Calgary Journal roamed the sidelines and captured the action between the undefeated Rage and provincial rivals Edmonton Storm.

In June 2017, 31-year-old Simon Donnelly was playing in a men's league soccer match in Calgary. Donnelly cut right, blew past a defender and kept racing up the field with the ball. However, the man he thought he shook off was in hot pursuit. The defender kicked at Donnelly’s heel causing a significant knee injury.

“I was screaming before I even hit the ground,” recalls Donnelly.

When the other players and referees realized Donnelly wasn’t faking a soccer injury, he was carried off the field. But when he stood up to see if he could walk it off his knee buckled, and his long journey of recovery began.