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In Calgary, NHLer Brad Mills and arena staff voice concerns

Hockey SticksThere's a good chance that the NHL will lockout its players on Sept. 15, as discussions over the new collective agreement continue. This would be the league's fourth work stoppage since 1992, and would put local rookie Brad Mills out of the game, and Andy Leblond - a Calgary Flames broadcast editor - out of a job.

Impact of grassroots club has positive impact

soccer-club-tb On a sunny Saturday morning, a steady stream of children make their way to a playground in the southwest community of Glenbrook. There is cheerful chaos as friends are greeted, shin pads strapped on and shoe laces tightened up.

After everybody has their equipment sorted out, the older kids stretch and run laps around an adjacent field. Later they will clean garbage and debris off the field before engaging in soccer drills and a scrimmage game. Occasionally they have to clean up broken bottles. Off to the side a small group of three and four-year-olds energetically chase balls around tiny pylons, their jerseys hanging down to their knees.

Physical sport like a human chess game


The UFC is coming to town and for some the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) is regarded as barbaric and brutish.

Two guys duking it out in a caged ring, bloodied and swollen as they grapple each other can bring to mind images of gladiators enclosed in ancient Rome's Coliseum or two guys beating the crap out of each other at a bar.

Experts weigh in on injuries inside the Octagon

MMA thumb

Professional wrestler Chris Benoit’s murder/suicide dramatized brain injuries and Sidney Crosby’s 10 and a half months on the shelf has resulted in a debate over brain injuries. Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, has found itself right in the middle of it, given the violent nature of the sport.

The Canadian Medical Association, or CMA, called for a ban on MMA back in 2010, while other vocal critics claim the sport is barbaric – such as Arizona Senator John McCain who once described MMA as being “human cock fighting.”