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UFC’s Nick “The Promise” Ring on fighting professionally, training, and representing YYC

nick-thumbOn July 21, 2012, Calgary’s Nick “The Promise” Ring will be fighting at the much anticipated UFC event, hosted for the very first time by our fair city.

The Calgary Journal sat down with Ring to get an inside look at how he is preparing for his match, his love for YYC as well as what it takes to make a living fighting in the cage.

Bronze and silver won in first national tourney

kyle-hoover-8-year-old-karate-tbThe recent May long weekend was a huge one for a local Calgary boy. Participating in the recent World Karate and Kickboxing Council nationals tournament in Montreal, Kyle Hoover Reoyo earned a pair of medals in karate point sparring and kickboxing in his first national tournament experience.

Deanna Delisle designs workouts for peak performance

deanna-delisle-conditioning-coach-tbHelping athletes achieve peak performance is as much a science as it is an art.

As a strength and conditioning consultant for the Canadian Sport Centre, Deanna Delisle is responsible for designing stylized training regimens for Olympic swimming stars like Erica Morningstar who will be competing this summer in London.

Viral video showcases women's downhill longboarding

chiara-poscente-longboard-tbMost people, when thinking of hurtling down a long and winding road on a longboard, would probably balk at the idea. Those still interested would ensure that their body doesn't end up getting torn to ribbons and would dress accordingly.

 It takes a special breed to ride down a hill wearing shorts and a bikini top. Chiara Poscente, an avid longboarder and recent online viral sensation happens to be one of those crazy few.