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University students have a lot on their plates. Full course loads, living away from home for the first time, social life and work all conspire to deprive students of their time. But anyone who thinks they have a lot going on, hasn’t met a student who has to balance academics and a job to sustain themselves on top of being a top-tier varsity athlete.

In the last 36 years working with the McMahon Stadium Society, John Haverstock has seen it all: from Stampeders games to Grey Cups and even the Heritage Classic game a few years back. There is, however, one event that sticks out in particular for the stadium manager.

As a recovering alcoholic, Vanisha Breault turned to running to get through difficult times. Since then, she started the Tri Terminator Foundation which helps struggling youth and aims to initiate a conversation surrounding addiction.

Did you ever watch an action movie as a kid and leave the theatre wanting to manoeuvre over and around obstacles like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

There’s a group of ninjas in Calgary that do exactly that!